Some kind words from clients I have worked with:


Matt, Director, Property Management

I worked with Scott over a period of around 6 months and found our sessions useful, interesting, and enjoyable.  I work as an Area Director in property management overseeing a number of staff and projects, as well as being directly answerable to numerous clients.  Our discussions allowed me to carefully review and re-evaluate my existing approach to issues within my career, as well as head towards forthcoming challenges in a clear minded and prepared way.  Scott is personable, perceptive, and allows discussions to take place that lead one to work towards solutions, always ensuring that the coachee leads the thinking and ‘owns’ the conclusions reached and plans agreed.  I would be happy to recommend Scott’s services.

Hannah, Director, Charity and Social Enterprise

Working with Scott has been really valuable for me. I was at a point of transition in my career when we met - leaving a business I had set-up in order to start new work and pursue different opportunities. Scott helped me reflect on my strengths and what I had learnt through running the initial business, and also what would motivate and energise me as I developed a new business. These reflections have been really useful and I’ve used them to shape my direction and the work I am undertaking now.

Nidi, Manager, Local Authority

I started coaching sessions with Scott when I was facing challenges at work and wanted to work through how best to tackle these and develop my role at work. Scott is a great listener and very patiently helped me work through different options and showed me techniques to help understand what I needed to do to take control of my role. The tips and techniques we worked through have been invaluable to me. In particular the exercise we worked through to help me understand what I am good at and what I actually enjoy doing was very illuminating and with Scott’s help I have a real understanding of where I could develop my role. By the end of our sessions, I have much more self awareness and an understanding of what I need in my work and how I can best develop my role using my skills and abilities. I feel much more confident and am enjoying the work that I do with a strategy to develop this and my skills further. I have no hesitation in recommending Scott and his excellent coaching skills to anyone else.

Stefanie, L&D Specialist

When I started the 1-1 coaching with Scott, I was ready to make a change in my career but lacked the necessary self-awareness, clarity and direction to take next steps. I highly recommend Scott because the sessions have been a revelation in many ways. Under his guidance not only was I able to clearly identify and build on my strengths, moreover he encouraged me to explore professional development options that I had not considered before and provided me with extremely useful practical support in terms of tailoring my CV and building my networks. Scott has given me the springboard that I needed and I am very grateful for his continuous support.

Michelle, Manager, Executive Education

I started a new role as a manager and I had the one driving thought that “I wanted to be a good manager” however I didn’t understand how I could measure this. I met Scott a month into my new role and it became evident that I needed to set objectives and start to understand how to self-reflect. As Scott and I worked on my objectives I received a deeper understanding of my behaviour and found the real drivers behind my idea of a “good manager”. Dealing with these has helped me enormously and it’s really been a journey of understanding, helping me through some challenging line management times. I have learnt to be patient and fully understand a situation before making decisions. I cannot recommend Scott highly enough.

Mary, Solicitor, Legal Services

Scott coached me when I was at a cross roads in my career. Scott is very easy to talk to and a great listener. He uses different techniques which help you understand yourself better and think about options you have never considered before. He offers practical and creative solutions which help you address issues. The results of Scott's coaching gave me the confidence to really focus and take action which I would not have been able to do without Scott's support. I am now much more fulfilled and happier. Scott is a fantastic Careers coach and I cannot recommend him more highly to anyone else who finds themselves stuck in the same position in their own career.

Nick, Higher Education

Scott undoubtedly helped me realise and achieve my goal which was to progress within my department. The advice, encouragement and coaching Scott gave me was valuable and allowed me to freely express and think about what I wanted to do and how I should get there. If it wasn’t for Scott I very much doubt I wouldn’t be where I am today.